Have you been looking for a way to frame your processes more effectively?
That is a way of communicating your process steps within the context of the bigger picture. Something that would make it easier to share the process steps, to analyze process flow and to use as a training tool.
We’d like to introduce you to a process documenting method that does exactly that.
It is called Visual Process Mapping using the VizPro®. It captures the entire ‘story’ of exactly who does what, when and how – using pictures to create a business narrative.
I’ve been doing process work for over 20 years, and this is by far the best methodology that I’ve ever used. It is easy to understand as it is a visual storyboard that defines and unpacks the detail of a process. At a glance, it is clear who communicates with whom, what systems are used and where hand-overs take place.
To learn more about this visual method, please click here to download the VizPro® information presentation.
In short, this is what you’ll get with Visual Process Mapping:
  • Quick results – the maps are drawn in real-time in a group environment;
  • Buy-in – key stakeholders and process owners take part in the workshop, which means that improved processes are the result of combined input from those on the ground;
  • Effective communication – complex process information is reduced to a series of visual snapshot views, which are far easier to communicate, and retain.
In fact, we like this methodology so much that we’ve partnered with the creators at Pétanque International, to bring VizPro® to the USA and Canada. That is why we are excited to now offer this tool to you to simplify the documentation and improvement of your processes.
Our partners at Pétanque International are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. In honor of that, we are now offering a 15% discount to the first 3 clients who book their visual process mapping with us before the end of September 2017.
Please get in touch with Dawn if you’d like to know more or would like a complimentary demonstration of how VizPro® could be used in your company.
We look forward to introducing you to this phenomenal new method that will soon become your go-to tool when it comes to process work.
Kind regards,
PS The adaptability of this method is a huge plus. Feel free to download and share the VizPro® information with your team and get in touch with Dawn for a demo.
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